Strategic Research Cell:

The significance of Research in the academic field needs no elaboration, especially in view of the fact that this is the age of information explosion and the developments in the different areas are occurring with mind-blowing rapidity and the only way to keep pace with these is through thorough and intensive research. The current times, circumstances and situations demand Strategic Research of high standard on a continuous basis, to be in a fighting-fit mode to meet the current-day exacting demands and to avoid any embarrassment due to unpreparedness to meet the unavoidable intense competition.

As the saying goes, Knowledge is Power. But OUTDATED KNOWLEDGE is certainly not “REAL POWER”. This forms the genesis and the raison d’etre of Strategic Research Group. Keeping this factor in view, ICBM-SBE had embarked upon the formation of Strategic Research Group.


  • Educate, Enlighten and Empower


  • To develop ICBM-SBE into a national level business school of excellence exceeding the expectations of the Students, Industry, Institution and the Society.


The major broad objectives identified for this Group are as follows.

  1. Development of Infra-structure for research and knowledge build-up.
  2. Facilitating Staff members and Students to take up research activity.
  3. Making Knowledge Management , a way of life in ICBM- SBE.
  4. Motivating the Staff and Students’ participation in Seminars, Workshops and all related activities.
  5. Encouraging authoring / co-authoring of books, articles, papers, etc., based on research.
  6. Minimizing knowledge-obsolescence.
  7. Enlightening and empowering of the staff and the students with the cutting - edge knowledge and skills required for a successful career in the competitive world.
  8. Provide a broad framework for carrying out the industry oriented research and consultancy services to certain select corporates.
  9. Act as guide to faculty and students for research paper publication in leading listed national and international journals.
  10. Encourage the faculty and students for presentations of their research papers and case studies in leading universities and institutions.
  11. Facilitate the faculty and students to do research through problem solving approach and troubleshooting methodology for certain sectors through consultancy services in corporates.
  12. Help the students in carrying out Internship programs and analysis of data for their project reports.

The ultimate aim is to pay back to the society through service to humanity via the holistic development of the students and staff of ICBM-SBE.

Research Publications and Presentations in Conferences By Our Faculty

Dr. P. Sai Rani Research Publications and Conferences Dr. Syed Azhar Research Publications and Conferences Dr. G Radha Kiranmayi Research Publications and Conferences Prof. C.V. Ranga Reddy Research Publications and Conferences Prof. SVVSV Prasad Research Publications and Conferences Prof.Mohd Khaja Qutubuddin Research Publications and Conferences Mr. C. Satish Kumar Research Publications and Conferences Mrs. Harriet Jesvina Research Publications and Conferences Mr. Ramesh Babu Research Publications and Conferences Mr.M. Sai Research Publications and Conferences Mrs. Surekha Adiki Research Publications and Conferences Mr. P. Vikrant Kumar Research Publications and Conferences