Why PGDM is Superior to MBA?

Why PGDM is Superior to MBA?

Post Graduation in Business Management which is shortly referred to as PGDM is a Diploma program in Management.  Most people must be wondering if PGDM is equivalent to an MBA or not. So, let’s give you a clear idea about what exactly is PGDM & how exactly is it different from an MBA degree?

Understanding PGDM Course:

PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is a two-year business management program. This program is specially designed for management career enthusiasts to help them develop relevant hard skills and soft skills that would help them to excel in their professional careers. 

Answering the question of whether PGDM is equivalent to an MBA degree I can safely say that PGDM programs add value beyond the regular MBA curriculum. Most of the recruiters are more interested in hiring PGDM-certified candidates which are in response to the cutting-edge industry-centric skills that they possess.

Now as you know what exactly PGDM is, let’s help you understand why PGDM is superior to MBA.

Why PGDM is Superior to MBA?

As the trends in the business management industry are evolving more than ever, doing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management would undoubtedly be adding great value to your profile and has many advantages over MBA. PGDM course is specially designed by the domain experts course meet all the requirements needed to work in the modern corporate world and even to beat the competition with yourself and even with the markets. One major difference between the PGDM course and the MBA program is that the PGDM syllabus tends to change whenever a new term or a new practice gets introduced into the corporate market & it becomes the subject for PGDM’s trimester.

The curriculum in the PGDM course is trendy & meets industry needs. As the PGDM curriculum largely focuses on the industry needs and the current job requirements it is liked by recruiters. Candidates who are aspiring for a career in management roles can focus on the PGDM course to hone skills that are relevant to the current management industry standards. If you are interested in doing PGDM, then look no further beyond ICBM-SBE – Best PGDM College in Hyderabad.