What is the difference between MBA & PGDM?

What is the Difference between MBA & PGDM?

For all those brilliant minds who wish to pursue a career in the field of business management knowing the difference between PGDM and MBA courses is very crucial.  Prior to filling the application forms for your dream institute, you need to get a clear idea about both these courses.

So, let us see MBA and PGDM up close.

  • Diploma vs Degree

The foremost difference between PGDM & MBA is that the former one (PGDM) is a diploma course while the latter (MBA) is a degree course.

MBA is a degree programme which is conducted by Universities and colleges with affiliation to those Universities, whereas PGDM is a diploma programme which is conducted by autonomous institutes that are recognized by the AICTE.

  • Syllabus & Curriculum

Speaking of syllabus, there’s a lot of variation in MBA & PGDM programs course syllabus. The syllabus in MBA programs are formulated by university and so all the affiliated colleges under that university will be following the same curriculum. The major point concern here is that most of the universities that offer MBA course have a rigid curriculum that is outdated & it doesn’t fit much with the current management industry standards.

When it comes to PGDM Course, the curriculum every institution has its own curriculum. The syllabus would be refined and updated every year to stay relevant with the present management industry trends & requirements. The PGDM course curriculum at ICBM-SBE is prepared by the best minds in the industry & is aligned with the latest trends in the management world.

  • The Focus Of The Course

MBA program merely sets its focus towards technical and theoretical aspects related to management rather than the adoption of practical knowledge. This is where PGDM program becomes crucial. The prime focus of PGDM program is set towards making the students become full-fledged industry-ready experts with practical knowledge.

In PGDM program, students will be developing unparallel skills that are aligned with the present management industry standards and requirements. Post this PGDM course completion at ICBM, students would have developed all the essential skill sets & they get transformed into new-age industry leaders in business management.

  • Innovative Teaching Methods

Compared to MBA, PGDM programs follow more interactive teaching methodologies that focus of delivering real-world practical knowledge among the students. Students in PGDM program can have the best learning experience through like use-cases, presentations, short-term trainings, industry visits and simulations and many more. PGDM program focuses on personality development and it ensures that post course completion, students would become capable of handling all the real-world management industry challenges at large. In MBA program, students will only be learning the concepts that are under their syllabus.

  • Entrance Examinations

An individual can get entrance in PGDM through CAT/MAT/ATMA/XAT and also state level examinations

Some universities consider only state level entrance exams for MBA, but a few also accept CAT and MAT.

  • Ranking

90% out of the top 100 institutes offer PGDM courses in India.

Post successful completion of PGDM course at ICBM-SBE- Best PGDM College in Hyderabad will propel you into a great career position with your well-desired package. So, wait no more and register for our ICBM-SBE PGDM program today.

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