ICBM-SBE is the Best PGDM College in Hyderabad, India. The PGDM program here is designed by the best minds in the industry. The best thing about this program is that we offer “Triple Specialization To Our PGDM Students”. Acquiring 3 areas of specialization at the end of your 2 years of PGDM course will give you a competitive advantage in the job market. The culture at our ICBM-SBE institute is to empower every student by creating self-learning opportunities.

Our PGDM course curriculum resonates with the ever-changing management industry standards & requirements, and as the industry is changing amidst this pandemic so is the pedagogy of our institution. Our diversified teaching methods work towards achieving the holistic development of our students. Upon graduating, our students are more likely to score a higher position in a company because of their practical acumen. ICBM-SBE is The First Choice For The Students Who Wish To Be Management Leaders

"Top B-School In Hyderabad, India For PGDM Program-Nurturing The Future Business Industry Leaders"

What is PGDM ?

A Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course is equivalent to a postgraduate degree in management & is offered by Autonomous B-School in India. PGDM at ICBM-SBE is a 2-year full-time program, Approved by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). PGDM courses are the first choice for the aspirants, who wish to move up in the hierarchy & enter into the management field.

PGDM Career Options & Job Prospects

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a widely recognized program with quite high employability rates if pursued from Best B-School in Hyderabad,India. Every year, many organizations across industry verticals would be recruiting fresher graduates in PGDM. Post your PGDM course completion, you can expect multiple job offers with packages varying from Min of Rs 4 lakhs , Average of 6 lakhs and Highest of 12 lakhs per annum.

Being a recipient of “The Best B-School Leadership Award In Hyderabad”, skilled graduates in PGDM Training In Hyderabad from ICBM-SBE can expect packages as high as 12 lakhs per annum, respective to the stream.

ICBM-SBE Unique Triple Specialization Approach

Being the Top B School in Hyderabad, India, ICBM-SBE is the Centre of Excellence for Management Education. Unlike any other institute, ICBM-SBE provides “Triple Specialization To The PGDM Students”. In addition to their chosen specialization, students can get to master Business Analytics that we have as an integral part of our PGDM Training in Hyderabad program.


1.Marketing 2.Finance
3.Human Resources 4.Operations Management
5.Information Technology 6.Strategy
7.Entrepreneurship 8.Pharma Management
9.Agri Business 10.Insurance & Banking
11.ERP 12.EDP
13.Hospital Administration 14.Event Management
15.Nutrition & Health Care 16.Business Analytics


This PGDM course curriculum comprises rigorous follow-up through case studies to prepare the students for the management roles across industry verticals by equipping them with new-age business management skills & capabilities.

“Unlock Your Future In New Age Business Administration Roles in Just 12 Months”

PGDM First Year

The first two Trimesters are the same for all the streams. Students will be developing skills in different disciplines & functions of business management. As a part of the first year PGDM course curriculum, students will be equipping skills in Management & Organizational Behaviour, Economics, Financial Accounting & Analysis, Financial Management, Business Analytics, Strategic Management, and other areas.

In the third Trimester, students need to select their desired stream & specialization. They need to submit a Mini Project at the end of the third Trimester.

PGDM Second Year

Students will be selecting their second specialization in the fifth trimester. They need to submit their Management Research Project at the end of the sixth Trimester in the concerned Specialization. In the sixth Trimester, the candidate has to appear for two papers of Project Management & Project Report with Viva.

The course curriculum in the second year comprises of a mix of compulsory courses and electives in the specialization areas.

Trimester - I

1.Management & Organizational Behaviour

2.Economics for Managers

3.Statistics for Managers

4.Financial Accounting & Analysis

5.IT for Managers

6.Business Communication

7.Marketing Management – I
 Budding Managers Program
 Computer Lab - I

Trimester - II

1. Financial Management

2. Human Resource Management

3. Marketing Management – II

4. Operations Research and Management

5. Legal Aspects of Business

6. Introduction to Business Analytics
 Budding Managers Program
 Computer Lab - II

Trimester - III

1. Research Methodology

2. Strategic Management

3. First Specialization Paper I

4. First Specialization Paper II

5. First Specialization Paper III

6. First Specialization Paper IV

7. Business Analytics – I (Specialization wise)
 Budding Managers Program
 Computer Lab - III

Trimester - IV

1. Productions & Operations Management

2. First Specialization Paper V

3. First Specialization Paper VI

4. First Specialization Paper VII

5. First Specialization Paper VIII

6. Business Analytics – II (Specialization wise)
 Budding Managers Program
 Computer Lab - IV

Trimester - V

1. Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

2. Entrepreneurship & Small Scale Business

3. Second Specialization Paper I

4. Second Specialization Paper II

5. Second Specialization Paper III

6. Second Specialization Paper IV

7. Employability Skills

Trimester - VI

1. Second Specialization Paper V

2. Second Specialization Paper VI

3. Second Specialization Paper VII

4. Second Specialization Paper VIII

5. Project Repor

6. Project Viva


1. Consumer Behaviour

2. Sales & Personnel Management

3. Integrated MarketingCommunications / Promotions Strategy

4. Digital & Social Media Marketing

5. Product & Brand Management

6. Services Marketing

7. Customer Relationship Management

8. Retail Management


1. Financial Risk Management

2. Investment & Portfolio Management & Financial Derivatives

3. Financial Institutions, Markets &Services

4. Cost & ManagementAccounting

5. Corporate Finance

6. Company Accounts & Auditing

7. Business Valuation

8. International Finance

Human Resources

1. Industrial & Labour Law

2. Performance Management System

3. Compensation & Benefits Management

4. Organizational Development and Team Building

5. Leadership

6. HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection

7. Strategic HRM

8. International HRM

Operations Management

1. Supply Chain Management

2. Business Process Re-engineering

3. Quality Tool Kit for Managers

4. Operations Research Applications

Information Technology


2. Business Process Re-engineering

3. Business Intelligence

4. Managing Software Projects


1. Corporate Governance

2. Strategic Leadership

3. Competing in Global Markets

4. Entrepreneurship in Practice


1. Entrepreneurship in Practice

2. Innovation Technology Management

3. Venture Valuation & Accounting

4. Entrepreneurial Marketing

Agri Business

1.Agri Extension Management

2.Agri Input Marketing

3.Procurement Management

4.Infrastructure & Agri Warehousing Management

5.Agri Export Management & International Trade

6.Brand & Agri Product Management

7.Post Harvest Management

8.Food processing & Sector Management

Nutrition & Health Care

1.Medical Nutrition Therapy / Clinical Nutrition / Dietetics / Nutrition in Health & Disease

2.Food Science and Micro Biology

3.Nutrition through Life Cycle

4.Food Service Management

5.Essentials of Healthcare Administration

6.Planning & Designing of Healthcare Facilities

7.Legal Aspects of Healthcare

8.Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare

PGDM Course Objective

To equip students with critical managerial & leadership skills to successfully handle the challenges in the ever-changing global management industry

To enhance students analytical and reasoning skills for effective decision-making in the respective functional areas of business across all the verticals

To empower the students towards reaching new career heights and attain global positions in management roles by cultivating self-learning abilities

To help the students experience accelerated career growth in the new-age business management job-roles in the industries across verticals