What is the Value of PGDM in the Present Indian Job Market?

The Indian job market is growing at a spectacular rate. Several new jobs and trends have emerged at frequent intervals, especially during the last decade. The Indian job sector has become more skilled-driven rather than merely promoting degrees from premier institutes. PGDM is currently one of the most valued courses in the Indian job market. Those who successfully graduate with a PGDM degree will find it easy to get placed and climb to the top position of the corporate ladder. PGDM course prepares individuals for challenging management job roles through applied conceptual learning.

Benefits of PGDM from the Other Usual Courses:

  • Specializations as Per Industry Demands

PGDM courses are specially designed by experts in accordance with the current management industry requirements. A wide range of new specializations is made available in PGDM courses such as Business Analytics which are more valuable and in demand in the current job market compared to the traditional HR, Marketing, Sales, and Finance related specializations.

  • No Clutter of Non-Important Courses

Unlike the usual MBA courses that follow outdated topics in their curriculum, the PGDM courses have the advantage of following a well refined-curriculum. Many esteemed autonomous Institutes collaborate with organizations to draft a meticulously crafted curriculum and set up the labs. Students will also develop cognitive skills by learning from industry experts and by doing practical on real-time data.

  • Industry Ready Students

As the curriculum in PGDM courses is more industry-centric, by the time of their graduation, students will be ready to face the challenges of the corporate world. PGDM professionals have good chances of internship and job opportunities compared to MBA professionals for their skills to handle real-life challenges.

  • More Employability Chances

PGDM courses present students the opportunity to do a dual or triple specialization in fields like Business Analytics, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, ERP, etc. There are several of Benefits of Dual or Triple Specialization in PGDM.

Post successful completion of the PGDM course aspirants can pursue a career in more technical roles like Data Scientist, or SAP consultant, or Business Analyst.

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