PGDM in Banking Insurance & Financial Services Scope in India

Post the COVID pandemic, there’s a surge in the craze for mutual funds and the crash markets especially in India. Retail Investment, Banking, and Financial sectors are experiencing a significant boom & the NIFTY indexes are a testament to the above fact. Also, enterprises in the insurance industry are witnessing exponential growth, employing the vast majority of people and their families.

Amid the surge in the demand for the BIFS sector, enterprises have started actively recruiting professionals with managerial skills to tackle this demand. Speaking about the given portfolio, those who have done their PGDM in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services are very much in demand. 

PGDM in Banking, Insurance, & Financial Services has gained a lot of popularity and its demand is steadily growing in the market when compared to MBA courses. With every passing year, as the demand for the BIFS sector is rising predominantly, enterprises are recruiting professionals who are PGDM certified in banking, finance, and insurance management fields.


The PGDM in Banking, Insurance & Financial Services program is specially designed by the frontline industry experts. The curriculum of this course resonates with the current management industry trends and requirements and this course equips budding managers with the skills required for a successful career in the banking & finance sectors, mergers, acquisitions. The PGDM course equips students with the critical skills needed to manage the assets of a banking or insurance company appropriately.

 Financial planning, controlling and managing financial resources are the major functional areas in which industries require the presence of management experts whose skills are up-to-date with the current industry trends.

Growing Job Opportunities for PGDM (BIFS) Managers:

Post successful completion of PGDM course, one take up job opportunities across the industry verticals like Banking, Corporate Finance, Accounting & Taxation, Investment Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Fund Management, International Finance, Insurance Management, Stock Portfolio Management, among other vital areas. ICBM-SBE, the Best PGDM College in Hyderabad prepares you for the high-paying management job roles. By the time of your PGDM course completion, you can expect job opportunities with an average salary offered between Rs. 10 to 20 lakhs per annum.